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Projects & Program Management

Progressive and growth oriented organizations find it necessary to adopt business transformation programs to remain competitive and achieve market leadership.  Business transformation could involve management of several projects either simultaneously or in a sequential manner, which are often complex. Complexities arise in terms of human resource management, financial budgetary limitation, technology and time management. Projects could typically cover one or more areas such as System/Software upgradation, Sales & marketing, Operations, Finance, Enterprise-wide processes, CRM and Post-merger integration.

For a going concern, it is imperative that their business runs on a BAU mode whilst simultaneously planning, managing and implementing business transformation programs.  Such situations makes it even more complex and challenging as organizations may have limitations with respect to human resource availability and/or expertise to manage projects and programs. This is exactly where we step in, to fill the gap by providing Projects or Program management solutions to help you achieve your business transformation goals. We help you run your core businesses as usual without affecting your sales and profitability whilst undergoing business transformation activities.

Results of our Project and Program management solutions include the following:

  • Alignment of project and programs with the organization’s strategic objectives
  • Structured and remedial actions to reverse a failing project or program
  • Optimal utilisation of organization’s resources
  • Periodic reporting on the progress status of project and programs with particular emphasis on time, finance and resources
  • Achievement of business transformation goals with little or no impact on transition related risks such as change risks, business risks and operations risk.