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Risk Management and Fraud Audit


Our Risk Management solutions encompass Operational risks, Credit risks and Market risks. The Fraud Audit and Investigation Service, a key unit within our risk management services, is often initiated due to an existing operational issue or suspected financial fraud or un-authorised activity. Our audit services essentially entails a review of the existing processes, an in-depth analysis of the existing control systems, appropriateness of the ‘checks and balances’ within the organisation and appropriateness of exercise of powers by the discretionary authorities. By utilizing our independent and professional approach, a typical fraud audit exercise could result in the detection of one or all incidents such as Financial fraud, Business pilferage, Operational lapses, Risk and control inadequacies among others. 


We provide a comprehensive approach to Fraud and Operational Risk management by advising directors, internal auditors and risk managers as to where their organization is vulnerable to fraud and how to plug the gaps. Thus, the Fraud Audit and Investigation Services goes further and beyond in designing a ‘customised’ Internal Control System and SOP document in addition to its successful implementation across the organisation. We also undertake periodic post-implementation reviews of the internal control systems and SOP.