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Our financial services division is a relatively new vertical, established with the purpose of providing intermediary services between the Banking (or NBFC) industry and its potential customers. This is a natural forward integration for us considering that we already have existing clients from our ‘financial advisory’ business.  Essentially, our aim is to provide quality and credible services to the banking industry in their endeavour to grow the highly competitive and challenging Retail and SME business. Our services to the banking and NBFC industry include ‘preliminary credit appraisal processes’ and ‘background verification’ of their retail and SME prospects.

We offer both front-end and back-end services to the banking/NBFC industry. Front-end services comprises of customer acquisition and business enhancement while back-end services would include labour intensive back office operations as well as credit support services.  However, C'Sens accords highest value to honesty, integrity and transparency and therefore, to avoid ‘Conflict of Interest’ we do not offer a combination of both front-end and back-end services to the same bank/NBFC. Our Financial Services vertical offer the following services:

Business Development (Front-end)

  • Retail loans
  • SME business acquisition
  • Liability Accounts
  • Investment Products

Support Services (Back-end)

  • KYC Verification & Compliance
  • Background Verification of new borrowing customers
  • Preliminary Credit Appraisals – Individuals
  • Preliminary Credit Appraisals – SME
  • Discreet market checks – Renewal of SME credit lines
  • Recovery and Collection of debts
  • AML related verification of high value liability customers and large transactions